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See how OCP-MS Digital Product development services put your innovations to work. Our Team of Digital Developers and Software engineers has helped you conceptualize, develop, test and deploy software.

We help accelerate the delivery of innovative new software products and platforms and differentiate your brand in the market with:

User experience :

Integrated User Experience design for seamless, efficient interactions, regardless of channel  

Data Analytics:

The latest data analytics capabilities to provide valuable business insights  

Quality Engineering & DEVOPS:

Proven quality engineering and DevOps capabilities that ensure quality from the start  

Software Delivery:

Agile development processes that streamline software delivery

Digital Platforms enable simplified capture, storage, management and delivery of digital content using the right technologies to better manage the complete customer lifecycle.

We help you create a complete solution that is simple to manage by building a unified solution consisting of a ground-up development or a CMS, subscriptions, content delivery, paywalls, scalability, performance and an analytics engine.

  • Entreprise content management consulting

We provide you with a roadmap and strategy for implementing unified and integrated systems across your business globally

  • Digital Asset management

Our digital asset management services deliver a single, unified and centralized digital asset repository to deliver the right content to the right people across all devices in realtime

  • Workflow management

Our workflow management processes help you integrate your workflows to achieve higher operational efficiencies

Technologies expertise
  • WordPress
  • Laravel
  • PHP
  • MongoDB
  • NodeRed
  • Angular
  • Wikitude SDK
  • LoRa
  • Modbus



By harnessing the right kind of data and using it to make informed decisions, you can stay at the forefront of your industry. We help you use data to your advantage by providing analytics and real-time insights. We gain an understanding of data complexities so that you can deploy the information when and where your business needs it.

  • Data Collection

We help you pull data from multiple sources in a relevant and logical manner using different frameworks and techniques. Our solutions convert this raw data into usable content for further modelling and reporting.

  • Data Wrangling

Our data wrangling solutions clean and transform your data into meaningful formats. We check for anomalies, incoherent information, and shuffle data into clean, accessible sets before moving further into the modelling process

  • Data mining

We build the best-fit data model, validate it using data mining tools and techniques and perform the necessary statistical testing and analysis to predict future trends for your business

  • Cognitive Analytics

We provide you with a 360-view using channel views, personalized recommendations and behavioral tracking. This helps you manage customers in a more effective way and build the right customer engagement programs

  • Business analytics

Through our business analytics services, we empower you with tools that provide real-time insights into your operational performance.

  • Interactive data exploration

Our Data visualization solutions provides easy interpretation of your findings and communicates the results in a clear manner to drive informed decisions. This includes custom visualizations tool development as well as integration with third party tools such as Power BI, Redash, Tableau and others.

Gamification is the process of bringing competitive gaming elements into the digital customer experience.

We can help you devise a sound gamification strategy and interactive user experience to increase engagement, generate fun and excitement and monitor performance.

  • Strategy
  • Activity Identification and reward points
  • Digital Integration
  • Configuration
  • Reporting
  • Analysis
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General manager , OCP Maintenance Solutions

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