Who Do We Serve

Who We Are

We are a service provider, asset management, and software development company, assisting industrial customers to achieve optimized maintenance plans and production availability by substantially reducing the risk of unplanned shutdowns.
Combining our on-field expertise and experience in edge technologies such as IoT, Big Data, Data Analytics, and Machine Learning technologies, we developed highly trusted software toolkits for predictive maintenance tailored to our customer’s requirements.
We specialize in advanced Reliability and Maintenance 4.0 solutions.
We offer you high-value training in collaboration with our international partners, making us a Moroccan center of excellence for industrialists.

Our Key Milstones


Official creation of the “OCP Maintenance solutions” stream​


The first business unit at OCP “OCP Maintenance Solutions”


OCP Maintenance Solutions S.A: Officially a subsidiary of OCP Group


OCP Maintenance Solutions expand to reach new markets

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve productivity and increase maintenance through technology, digitization, expertise, and training.
We strive to achieve operational excellence by diagnosing assets to improve their health status, Assisting customers in their digital transformation from consultancy to implementation, and Delivering high-quality training and consultancy services.

Our Team

Our Vision

At OCP Maintenance Solutions, our vision is to be the trusted partner in addressing your unique maintenance needs. We take an adaptive approach, crafting tailored solutions considering your industry experience, workforce, systems, technologies, and organizational maturity.
As technology evolves, our commitment will always be the same: helping our clients improve their operations, whether by providing them with hardware and software solutions or accompanying them with training and consulting to reach the highest level of expertise in an increasingly competitive world.

We chart our technology choices carefully. We’re trusted by industries responsible for assets that must last for decades, and bad decisions have high consequences!

They Trust Us

Our Partners

Nucleom is a Canadian NDT company and a leader in providing non-destructive examination services leading to the safe and productive operation of nuclear facilities.

Wikitude is a mobile AR technology provider based in Austria.  It initially focused on providing location-based AR experiences through the Wikitude World Browser App.

LARES operates in Morocco and throughout Africa as a specialized supplier of industrial measurement and metrology solutions (measuring instruments...).

Since 1969, ifm has developed, manufactured and marketed sensors and controls technology to industries that include assembly and robotics, automotive...

BCG Gamma is a group within BCG that focuses on data science and advanced analytics projects. They offer advanced analytics support but also staffs

IR4LAB is committed to increasing advanced technologies adoption in Saudi Arabia and the world by implementing new business models or improving existing processes

CTC products enable efficient vibration monitoring for predictive maintenance in various industries and applications, including automotive, medical, mining, and many more.

Mobius Institute helps maintenance, and asset reliability practitioners achieve the next level of success through leading-edge training, accredited certification, engaging conferences...

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