What is XR

XR, or Extended Reality, is an exciting and immersive technology that combines the real world with virtual and augmented elements, creating a whole new experience level.
With XR, you can enter a virtual world through virtual reality (VR), where you can explore vibrant landscapes, interact with virtual objects, and embark on thrilling adventures.Augmented reality (AR), on the other hand, overlays digital content in the real world, enhancing your surroundings with helpful information, entertaining animations, and interactive elements. It’s like bringing the virtual world into your daily life!
Mixed reality (MR) takes it further by seamlessly blending virtual and real elements, allowing you to interact with both in real-time. Imagine designing a virtual sculpture you can see and touch as if it were physically present!

Why Use XR

  • 43%: Was the reduction in lost time from injury since the introduction of VR safety training in mining
  • 82%: Of companies implementing AR/VR indicate that the benefits exceed expectations
  • 100% Of welding students who used VR training performed better on weld testing than students receiving traditional training
  • 4X faster: 4x faster to train compared to classroom training 5​

Our Product Line

Technical Analysis​​

Digital Twin​​

Immersive Experience​

Realistic Art​​

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XR can be defined as an umbrella, which brings all three Realities: Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR) together under one term, leading to less public confusion

Yes, system integrations are part of our XR offering.​

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