Abdenour Jbili, Managing Director of OCP Maintenance Solutions, sheds light on Industry 4.0 during his appearance on “Questions d’Actu” on Medi 1 TV

abdenour Jbili on medi 1 TV about the advance of Industry 4.0 in Morocco

Participation in “Questions d’Actu”:

The “Questions d’Actu” program on Medi 1 TV is renowned for bringing together renowned guests to discuss the most relevant current issues. In this specific episode, dedicated to “industry 4.0 lighting”, Abdenour Jbili shared his expertise and vision regarding integrating new technologies in the industrial sector. He emphasized the importance of lighting in this context, highlighting innovations such as intelligent lighting, the use of sensors, and the benefits of artificial intelligence in optimizing industrial processes.

Topics covered:

During the show, Abdenour Jbili addressed several key themes related to Industry 4.0 lighting. He discussed the importance of lighting in working environments, highlighting its impact on employee productivity and well-being. He also discussed using intelligent lighting to reduce energy consumption and optimize operational costs. In addition, he explained how sensors and artificial intelligence could be used to monitor and manage lighting systems effectively, enabling predictive maintenance and better management of the plant.

abdenour Jbili on medi 1 TV discussing the development of Industry 4.0 in Morocco

Challenges and opportunities:

Abdenour Jbili emphasized that the adoption of Industry 4.0 in the lighting sector offers many opportunities for companies. It can improve performance, reduce costs, increase environmental sustainability and create new sources of revenue. However, he also touched on the challenges associated with this transition, including the need to train workers in digital skills and ensure robust cybersecurity to protect critical infrastructure.

In Conclusion:

The episode “Questions d’Actu” featuring Abdenour Jbili shed light on the compelling interplay between Industry 4.0 principles and the evolution of the local industry. With a keen focus on sensor-driven optimization and the integration of artificial intelligence, the discourse illuminated a future where lighting systems go beyond mere illumination. These systems become strategic assets that drive efficiency, productivity, and sustainability across industrial sectors. As we look ahead, the insights from this conversation will undoubtedly shape the trajectory of lighting innovation and its pivotal role in the Industry 4.0 landscape.

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