Academy trainings

Discover OCP-MS Academy trainings. We offer a range of possibilities of training, from textbook training to customized options.

Customize your training

OCP Maintenance Solutions is committed to adapting the training solution to the real needs of each of its customers according to their project and their pre-acquisition. We will then adapt the duration of the courses (short or long training) and the type of formula (face to face, distance learning, Blended Learning, …) according to your needs.

  • Blended Learning solution developed in-house : OCP Maintenance Solutions allows you to use E-Learning and the classic learning mode often called “face-to-face” together. We have the necessary tools to improve your experience: 3D models, Serious Games, ….
  • A switch to digital : We offer our clients a tool that allows them to manage their staff’s skills more efficiently : Management of modules, Certification, Management of evaluations.

Certified training

We have a number of ISO certified training courses, attesting to your skills on a global scale. From industrial techniques to reliability related topics. Our Partner Mobius Institute grants us the ability to certify and assist our client in their journey to operational excellence.

Textbook training

You do not have an idea about what skills your team needs to work on, we are here to help.

We can assess the skillset of your team and recommend the right set of training needed.

Or you can go through the trainings in our catalog.

We can deliver training in several domains:

  • Industry 4.0 :

This training will help to understand and define the tools, technologies, concepts and strategies of Industry 4.0

  • Maintenance :

The overall objective of the training in this area is to master industrial maintenance and avoid all malfunctions related to machines and equipment.

  • Controls and inspections :

The objective of the training is to train professionals to acquire a global and practical knowledge of equipment inspection.

  • Operational Excellence :

This program aims to improve the performance of industrial units as well as to better meet the needs of customers in a context of increased competitiveness.

  • Management :

This program aims at acquiring the specific skills needed to perform responsible functions within an organization.

  • Soft Skills :

Our objective through this training is to improve your behavioral skills in a logic of operational efficiency.

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At OCP-MS, our priority is to provide our partners with the best digital solutions adapted to their fields of activity, based on innovative approaches and experienced human capital.

JBILI Abdenour
General manager , OCP Maintenance Solutions

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