Maint Pro

Use of Gamification – use of game mechanics to non-gaming environments to improve engagement and motivation and to influence behaviors – in training, marketing and recruitment.

These methods allow you to get a concrete rise in the efficiency of any process at minimum cost.

More than just Badge, point and leaderboard, it is about using deep game design concepts from complex video games to solve problems in other contexts.

What do we suggest? – Gamification as an all-encompassed Solution

  • Constructive Learning: creation of an instructional experience which makes knowledge acquisition more efficient and effective
  • Customized Learning environment : It foresees and tackles the possible roadblocks that might hinder the learning process and suggests tailored solutions
  • Easy communication: Sets the background for efficient communication easily accepted by the target segment
  • Highly connected workforce: An environment to engage a connected workforce, through the virtual nature of the serious game

MaintPRO Serious Game – What do we propose?

MaintPRO is an application of gamification into the non-gaming environment of Maintenance and Reliability. It was developed to substantially improve the engagement and motivation of novices, freshly introduced to maintenance, or even experts whilst influencing their behavior

MaintPRO was developed to be used in different contexts and events (i.e. training sessions, team building activities, recruitment process, etc …)

Key features

Highly customized and diversified content

Multiple complexity levels and gaming areas through a world map

Innovative and fun Win/Lose conditions

Creative Leaderboard to visualize key performances

Visualization of Player’s scores for a competitive environment

Badges converting scores to levels of expertise and a space for players to share lives and hearts to maximize playing time