Academy consulting

The ACADEMY pole of OCP Maintenance solutions is not not only about high level trainings but it is also an industrial consultancy


Being part of a group that existed for more of a century was rich of learnings and experiences. We aim to share our know how and experiences with our clients guiding them through their journey.

The idea is to implement best practices learned from different industries adjusting them to the specific context of each client.

Our area of expertise

We can help you in these area of expertise :

  • Industrial digitalization
  • Maintenance organization
  • Operational excellence
  • Lean management

Industries we worked for :

  • Cement
  • Mining
  • Parachemical
  • Food &beverage
  • Steel
how can we help you?

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Une qualité et précision des prestations et de diagnostics, sont les atouts de votre partenaire pour une réduction considérable des pannes et des temps d’arrêt, ainsi la réduction des couts et des retours sur investissements de vos actifs.

JBILI Abdenour
General manager , OCP Maintenance Solutions

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