Rotating equipment inspections

A rotating equipment describes mechanical components that use kinetic energy to move fluids, gases, and other process materials; it is a component of all industries since it is the source of movement in any process. It exists in several forms: pump, gearbox, fan …

Therefore, inspecting this type of equipment is the concern of most industries. Several methods and technologies exist that would help prevent this type of equipment from breaking down, as shown in the P-F diagram below :

predictive maintenance

That is why we offer the services bellow:

Vibration analysis

Vibration analysis requires experience and knowledge with several dysfunctions in different industries, each context is different. That is why our experts are abreast of vibration case studies all over the world. They are certified vibration analyst CAT III according to the standard ISO 18436-2.

In addition, they had experienced several typical cases in different industries.

Structural vibration analysis

It is true that the health of the rotating equipment is at the utmost importance, but this condition becomes vain when the foundations on which the equipment is settled on are faulty.

That is why, it is important to check for resonance frequencies, that might increase the energy of vibration of the equipment in some speed ranges.

Modal analysis and Operating deflection shapes (ODS) analysis are two technics used to show the deformation of the structure at a specific frequency.

Motion amplification technology

Sometimes a problem cannot be seen without a specific tool. The motion amplification camera is the tool needed to show a structure problem, looseness, or misalignment, only by taking a video of the case and running it through our experts.

Our experts will report any anomaly and give you a detailed report about the ranges of vibration and displacement in each point of interest.


Be it an electrical box, a motor, a pump, a gearbox or a furnace, heat is a great indicator of problems.

A clear view of temperature disparities may indicate looseness in an electrical box, or overload in a motor, a lubrication problem in a gearbox, or insulation problems in a furnace.

This technic can uncover several anomalies and spot the exact faulty element or area.

Oil analysis

Oil is an essential factor in the health of the equipment. A change in one of its properties can have severe setbacks on the health of the equipment.  Therefore, a regular check of the oil status is essential.

Ultrasonic predictive maintenance

Ultrasound is often linked to thickness measurement, but this type of technology is used to spot steam trap leaks, check the health of bearings and gives a specific diagnosis of electrical problems such us corona effects, tracking and arching.

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