Proactive and specific intervention

Proactive and specific intervention

Being dedicated to inspections and control, in this section we want to help you with the solution or help you find the appropriate solution with further analysis and inspection. Therefore, you well find bellow, specific intervention and packages of specific testing.


While misalignment has no quantifiable effect on motor efficiency, correct alignment does ensure you have a smooth and efficient transmission of power from the motor to the driven equipment. Misalignment creates excessive vibration and high loads on bearings, mechanical seals, packing and couplings, affecting the operating life of rotating equipment. Our experts has the qualification and experience to help you address this situation.


High levels of vibration caused by unbalance can cause equipment to operate less reliably, which results in increased energy usage, decreased operational efficiency, and reduced equipment service life. The force exerted by the dynamic load from an unbalanced rotor will cause wear to the rotor itself, the bearings and mountings holding it in place, and the machine’s structural support. Although the severity of the dynamic load varies depending on the degree of unbalance and the rotation speed, any unbalance can cause this case, you will need to call our experts to validate the problem and solve it.

Vibration Acceptance testing

Vibration acceptance testing ensures rebuilt or new equipment starts its service life in excellent condition, minimizing the risk of installing a new unit with a minor defect that progresses slowly to failure. Initial field vibration testing will ensure the equipment does not have any defective conditions that may reduce efficiency and reliability. Any issues identified in the vibration analysis report can be corrected prior to final acceptance of the equipment, ensuring that the manufacturer covers any necessary repairs. You are in a commissioning phase, do not hesitate to call us!

Overhaul assistance

You are planning an overhaul of critical equipment, and you want experts to assist you in your endeavor. Well, we can do that.  We have helped clients with their turbine overhauls done internally by our support only.

Furnace inspections

You have critical equipment such as furnaces, and you want to be sure that your equipment is in good shape. Well, we can perform thermographic imaging to spot the area where the insulation is deteriorating, and then perform a thickness measurement to make sure that the outer surface is not presenting alarming thickness losses. All of this is possible for furnaces with a temperature higher than 400 °C.

Tank inspections

Tanks are the most common static equipment; they require specific attention. Since their malfunction can cause casualties, environmental impairs , or even fatalities.

We suggest this package to make sure that your tank is secure:

  • Visual inspection, to detect malfunctions such us corrosion, non-conform maintenance
  • Ut inspection, to gauge the thickness loss
  • Geometric inspection using 3D scan
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