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Equipment failure can be expensive and potentially catastrophic.  Unplanned production downtime missed contract deadlines, costly machinery replacements, as well as safety problems, and environmental concerns are all potential consequences of a maintenance program that fails to predict and monitor equipment problems.

Instituting a full-featured program using condition monitoring can help minimize unwanted surprises, yielding an impressive return on investment.

Our pool of activity E-measure has a purpose of supporting industries in their journey of predictive maintenance. Providing them with the right tool and expertise, E-measure adapts to each client’s context and offers several technics and methods to achieve the purpose of a well-geared production tool.

E-measures services :

Get benefit beyond compliance

A rotating equipment describes mechanical components that use kinetic energy to move fluids, gases, and other process materials; it is a component of all industries since it is the source of movement in any process. It exists in several forms: pump, gearbox, fan …

Therefore, inspecting this type of equipment is the concern of most industries. Several methods and technologies exist that would help prevent this type of equipment from breaking down.

In contrast to rotating equipment, static equipment is non-moving equipment such as tanks and other vessels. This type of equipment often suffers from a different set of anomalies. Be it related to the conditions that the equipment is put under or to their maintenance.

Being dedicated to inspections and control, in this section we want to help you with the solution or help you find the appropriate solution with further analysis and inspection. Therefore, you well find bellow, specific intervention and packages of specific testing.

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