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Mobius Institute

Mobius Institute helps condition monitoring, maintenance, and asset reliability practitioners, business leaders, and strategic partners achieve the next level of success through leading-edge training, accredited certification, engaging conferences, and educational websites.

CTC – Connection Technology Center

CTC products enable efficient vibration monitoring for predictive maintenance in a wide variety of industries and applications, including automotive, medical and pharmaceutical, mining, and many more. Connection Technology Center (CTC) is a family-owned and operated business offering the world’s most durable and reliable industrial accelerometers, piezo velocity transducers, 4-20mA vibration sensors, and proximity probes as well as all related mounting hardware, cabling, and junction boxes.


Wikitude is a mobile augmented reality technology provider based in Salzburg, Austria. Founded in 2008, Wikitude initially focused on providing location-based augmented reality experiences through the Wikitude World Browser App.


Nucleom is a leader in providing non-destructive examination services leading to the safe and productive operation of nuclear facilities.

IFM electronics

Apart from position and process sensors, this product range also includes sensors for motion control and safety technology. In addition to this, IFM offers products for industrial image processing and communication as well as identification systems for mobile machines.

BCG Gamma

BCG Gamma is a group within BCG that focuses on data science and advanced analytics projects. ... The team both partners with traditional BCG consulting case teams to offer advanced analytics support, but also staffs their own projects to deliver applied data science insights, machine learning solutions, and more

Erbessd Instruments

For over thirty years the Erbessd family of companies has been leading the industry in providing intuitive, easy-to-use dynamic balancing & vibration analysis products that make our customers’ jobs easier. Rugged, repeatable, and reliable Erbessd products exceed industry recognized standards & more importantly exceed our customers standards


LARES opère au Maroc et à travers l’Afrique en tant que fournisseur spécialisé en solutions de mesure et de métrologie industrielles (appareils de mesure, équipement d’étalonnage, logiciels et services associés).Les solutions distribuées par LARES sont destinées à des applications industrielles diverses (Energie, métallurgie/Sidérurgie, Cimenteries, automobile, agroalimentaire, pharmaceutique, aéronautique, industries chimiques, laboratoires d’essais et d’étalonnage nationaux et accrédités, … )
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