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our approach

Everything we do help us create value for all our stakeholders:

  • We have five groups of stakeholders, each one as important as the next
  • The way we do business creates value for them all
Our people

When we take care of our people, our people take care of the business. We want our people to be the best they can be at OCP Maintenance Solutions; rewarding them fairly for the work they do, whilst helping them to find their purpose.

Our cutomers

We partner with industrials from different sectors to extend the lifecycle of their assets, create value from their data and assist them with our expertise in a knowledge transfer configuration

Our suppliers & buisness partners

We work with suppliers to drive innovation across our services and products and support mutual and sustainable growth

Our shareholders

We aim to deliver consistent, competitive, profitable and responsible growth

Our planet & society

We aim to contribute to a more socially inclusive world

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At OCP-MS, our priority is to provide our partners with the best digital solutions adapted to their fields of activity, based on innovative approaches and experienced human capital.

JBILI Abdenour
General manager , OCP Maintenance Solutions

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